Era: Large-Scale Canvas Paintings

James has been experimenting with extremely large scale canvases to create a new series called ‘Era’ … mixed media, enamel on canvas, aluminum and wood.




Vasana Exhibitions Opens at Madison Gallery

Artist James Verbicky 'Era 1' © james verbicky Photo by Tim Hardy

VASANA: New Works By James Verbicky |

Madison Gallery is proud to debut a new collection of monumental works by multi-disciplinary, Polish Canadian artist James Verbicky.

Widely known for his mixed media works utilizing vintage paper and resin, Verbicky simultaneously exposes his artistic prowess and elevates his own preceding collage work as he projects his vision onto large scale hand-painted canvases. By aggrandizing his own work he is able to spotlight key forms and content, enveloping the viewer in an overwhelming visual field of media and color. Also on display from his sanskrit-inspired series will be new ‘Vasana’ works, orbs of mesmerizing color, and the much sought-after ‘Citta Samtana’ series.

James Verbicky was born to Polish Canadian parents in Edmonton in 1973. His work was selected by the Societie Nationale des Beaux-Artes for an exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre at the Louvre in Paris, France. His work is counted in many important private, public and celebrity collections worldwide, and he exhibits internationally from Berlin to Mexico City to across the United States. He currently works by the beach in southern california, where he lives with his wife and two children.


verbicky vasana madison gallery 1

James Verbicky with Fashion icon Elyse Walker
James Verbicky with Fashion icon Elyse Walker

verbicky vasana 1


Oceana’s SeaChange Summer Party 2015

James Verbicky, Lauren Verbicky, and Matt Devine at the 2015 SeaChange Summer Party in Dana Point, CA.
James Verbicky, Lauren Verbicky, and Matt Devine at the 2015 SeaChange Summer Party in Dana Point, CA.

August 1st marked my third Sea Change Summer Party with Joanne Artman, benefiting the amazing conservation organization Oceana. The last two were held at a lavish villa in Laguna Beach, and this year the venue was a gorgeous pavilion overlooking the sea at the Strand in Dana Point, a developing oceanfront region that proved to be an awe-inspiring backdrop for the speakers of Oceana. The Pacific loomed beside us: beautiful, immense; a presence in the room.

Oceana does magnificently what would seem impossible: they pair a serious, sometimes downright grim topic (the devastation of our oceans) with lighthearted notes that elegantly allow the guest to engage with the material and actually hear what the speakers are sharing. They tell the truth about the seriousness of the situation, but also provide examples of their progress and success, allowing the listener to avoid shutting down: which I feel is a defense mechanism in our intensely media and news-saturated age. They are truly gaining ground and making an impact, and I am proud to have been able to donate and contribute during the auction portions of each event.

Artist James Verbicky with sister Lisa Verbicky at the Oceana SeaChange Summer Party
Artist James Verbicky with sister Lisa Verbicky at the Oceana SeaChange Summer Party
James Verbicky and Billie Joe Armstrong / Oceana Seachange Summer Party 2015
James Verbicky and Billie Joe Armstrong / Oceana Seachange Summer Party 2015
Jon Hamm / Oceana SeaChange Summer Party 2015
Jon Hamm / Oceana SeaChange Summer Party 2015
Actress January Jones discussing her love of sharks at the 2015 Sea Change Summer Party benefiting Oceana.
Actress January Jones discussing her love of sharks at the 2015 Sea Change Summer Party benefiting Oceana.

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New Omniscient Series by James Verbicky Released


48 x 68 x 2 inches | Hand Painted Silkscreen on Panel, Resin | 06.09.2015 © JAMES VERBICKY
48 x 68 x 2 inches | Hand Painted Silkscreen on Panel, Resin | 06.09.2015
48 x 68 x 2 | hand painted silkscreen on panel, resin  © james verbicky
48 x 68 x 2 | hand painted silkscreen on panel, resin
© james verbicky

Viewed from afar, James Verbicky’s new series appears to be a common, perhaps even classical human eye, emphasized in art since the earliest of times. Up close, the viewer discovers it is in fact scattered with strange symbols, some pre-existing and some “jibberish” the artist himself created. Verbicky’s oft-used themes of the daily, relentless bombardment by media come into play here: the powerful roles that brands and icons play in influencing us to consume, to buy, to use in the construction of social identities and in social class and status. Perhaps this eye is like Big Brother, a faceless force in our world that watches and influences and drives us in unseen and subtle ways.

Produced by the artist in collaboration with master printmaker Richard Duardo, who has collaborated in creating works with artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, David Hockney and Keith Haring, among others.

‘Endless Summer’ 50th Anniversary Art Show Debuts in Venice Beach

Great night last night at the 50th Anniversary Art Show opening for the classic 1964 surf movie ‘Endless Summer’, hosted by ARTSEEN, Bruce Brown Films & Esquire Magazine. I was one of 9 artists, including famed ‘Endless Summer’ cover artist John van Hamersveld, to exhibit works honoring the film. It was a fun night. Here are some shots of the opening… Exhibition runs through Labor Day Weekend. Info below.

 Endless_Summer_50th_ARTseen_v3_BACK Endless_Summer_50th_ARTseen_v3











“In 1964 a young filmmaker named Bruce Brown set out on a quest following two surfers on a surfing trip around the world.  As the title suggests if one had enough time and money it would be possible to follow the summer around the world, making it “endless”. He created a timeless classic, an iconic film that inspired generations and is beloved by millions.

Art Seen & Esquire present The Endless Summer 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition.  Inspired by the Endless Summer film, the exhibition will feature a group of 8 celebrated artists.  John Van Hamersveld, Woody Risk, Laddie John Dill, Dev N Gosha, Ryan Snow, James Verbicky, Miguel Osuna and Brad Howe sill present original works of art inspired by the film.  John Van Hamersveld, the artist who created the now iconic movie poster, will also be present to sign limited edition fine art prints of the original poster (all artworks and prints are available for purchase).”

Endless Summer 50th Anniversary Art Show / Opening, Thursday August 28th, 2014


endless summer art show 2014_verbicky3
My piece for the show. Mixed Media on Panel. © James Verbicky


endless summer art show 2014_verbicky1
Some friends and I took the ole lambo out for a spin.

Oceana’s Seachange Summer Party Raises 1.4 million with the Help of Leonardo DiCaprio

It was an honor to attend the 2014 SeaChange Summer Party in Laguna Beach this past weekend with my wife. Joanne Artman of the local Joanne Artman Gallery hosted us, and it was a blast. This year, the host / honoree was Leonardo DiCaprio, and he, alongside the many eloqent speakers, gave rousing speeches about both the current state of our oceans, and the amazing, unbelievable work and progress Oceana has made in defending, protecting, and preserving our oceans. It was an inspiring evening. Here are some images.

Please follow Oceana on Instagram for more inspiration: @Oceana

From Left: Artist James Verbicky, Lauren Verbicky, and Ted Danson at the 2014 SeaChange Summer Party benefitting Oceana.
From Left: Artist James Verbicky, Lauren Verbicky, and Ted Danson at the 2014 SeaChange Summer Party benefitting Oceana.
Leonardo DiCaprio, SeaChange Summer Party 2014
Leonardo DiCaprio, SeaChange Summer Party 2014

Neiman Marcus ‘The Book’ Cover features Verbicky Butterfly

CC_NEIMANFADE_VERBICKYFrom the Neiman Marcus blog:

“To call James Verbicky’s “media paintings” attention grabbing and magnetic is an understantment. So much so that the Canadian mixed media artist earn an “Extraordinary Ability’ green card– a rare currency bestowed by the United States government in recognition of his representation in U.S. galleries and museums, charity involvement, and heaps of critical praise. Just two of the entries on the artist’s impressive CV: selection into Paris’ annual Societie Nationale des Beaux Arts juried exhibition at the Louvre and a commissioned work created on a Frank Gehry sphere originally housed at the Hollywood Bowl.

Verbicky, now based in Southern California, lent his extraordinary talent to this issue’s cover art, ‘Papillon En Fleur 1’, in mixed media and resin. Unusual symbols, cubes of vivid color, and vintage branding materials- advertising posters, magazine covers, found graphics- align in horizontal planes, forming a dimensional piece that is sculptural in effect. “The radiating composition conjures a vision of a bursting flower,” says Verbicky, “a theme that unites perfectly with the butterfly, a herald of spring.” Take in more of the artist’s evocative storytelling on the book’s back cover, where symbols and words such as ‘chic’, ‘la mode’, and ‘original’ punctuate Verbicky’s collage. Seems he knows a thing about fashion and what NM stands for, too.”

– Stacy Girard  [view on NM site: ]

‘Two Standout Artists of the Dallas Art Fair’ : Artsy Spotlights James Verbicky & Hunt Slonem:

Two Standout Artists at the Dallas Art Fair


Analog or digital? This question—perhaps the defining one of our time—is at the heart of James Verbicky’s “media paintings,” large-scale, glossy assemblages composed of vintage magazine cutouts applied in horizontal grids to Baltic birch panels, and finished with a slick of resin. Homages to print media and the now-benign language and designs of vintage advertising, Verbicky’s colorful collages absorb the bold text and formal flourishes of pages pulled from decades-old copies of TIME, foreign publications, and books collected at flea markets. With no shortage of nostalgia in his voice, Verbicky says in an online video that delves into his magazine-strewn studio, “printing is such a dying media, this was the main way of influencing people back then.” In his eye-catching works, which explode with visual information and draw from the vocabulary of both Pop and Minimalism, these relics of print media are “sealed in time,” the artist says.

James Verbicky / Papillon En Fleur 2 ( Butterfly in Bloom)
James Verbicky / Papillon En Fleur 2 ( Butterfly in Bloom)n

Another artist to draw elements from Pop, Hunt Slonem—who you may know for his series of portraits of Abraham Lincoln and his mural that adorns the much-loved Manhattan institution, the Bryant Park Grill, as well as his signature paintings of exotic birds and butterflies—has said of his practice, “I was influenced by Warhol’s repetition of soup cans and Marilyn. But I’m more interested in doing it in the sense of prayer, with repetition…It’s really a form of worship.” Slonem employs this meditative strategy in captivating gouache and oil renderings of parrots, doves, macaws, and cockatoos—subjects that have been something of an obsession for the artist, all featuring in his personal aviary at his home in the American South. The New Yorker once reported that the artist could be found in his studio “painting away with a bird or two on his shoulders.” Among the tropical birds and butterflies that inhabit his paintings are rabbits, which Slonem began painting after discovering he was born in the year of the rabbit, according to the Chinese zodiac calendar.


Focusing on their respective fixations has paid off for Verbicky and Slonem, whose works are richly patterned and imbued with tender reverence for their subjects. You can find their work, alongside others, at Madison Gallery’s booth at the Dallas Art Fair, April 10–13, 2014.


Hunt Slonem 'Untitled CHL0290' Blue Bunnies
Hunt Slonem
‘Untitled CHL0290’
Blue Bunnies

Explore Madison Gallery’s both at the Dallas Art Fair.

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Laguna Art Museum 2014 Art Auction a Success!

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Boston Common Magazine Features Verbicky – Holiday 2013 Issue

Boston Common Mag Features James Verbicky, Holiday 2013
Boston Common Mag Features James Verbicky, Holiday 2013


At first glance, one of James Verbicky’s artworks could be construed as nothing more than a brightly colored piece of patchwork. But a closer look reveals a clever collage of vintage magazine cuttings, fragments of foreign advertisements, and recognizable brand names arranged in a neatly ordered grid. This is the work of a perfectionist, who puts bits of torn paper together in a manner that is highly stylized and altogether engaging.

From his early teens Verbicky, who grew up in a small town outside of Edmonton, in Canada, was drawn to the powerful print images and advertisements he saw in magazines. He began collecting old issues of Life magazine, and a visit to Paris in 2008 inspired him to make media paintings using vintage French posters, prints, and foreign publications, which he bought from vendors along the Seine.

Verbicky, now 40, moved to the Los Angeles area 10 years ago to escape the dreary Canadian climate. His studio is full of large tables covered with magazine spreads from his vast collection. When he creates a new piece, he begins by pulling out pages that catch his eye. “You have no idea what it takes to make these collages. It’s not something you crank out,” Verbicky explains. “When I’m getting ready for a show, I’ll look around the studio, and there are thousands and thousands of little scraps of paper.”

Once the work is assembled, Verbicky finishes it with resin, which makes the surface shiny. It also makes the paper transparent and causes the images on the backside to bleed through, creating more depth. “I’m careful to see what is behind each piece I pull- there may be coming through, which makes the collage more interesting and creates a certain mood,” he says. His work is also sculptural in nature. “The end result brings to mind the physical act of reading, as if to turn the next page,” says Lauren Nasella, the Boston-based chief operating officer of DTR Modern Galleries, where Verbicky’s work is on display.

Verbicky’s work was selected for a juried exhibition at the Louvre in Paris, and also has sold at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in New York City. His latest pieces are intended to remind us that we are continuously influenced by past and present iconic brands- and that we are constantly bombarded by too much information. Hence his busy ‘Blitz’ pieces, he says, “are kind of like anything goes… every single color, lots of text, lots of graphics… a mass explosion of things in your face.”

DTR MODERN GALLERIES167 Newbury St. | Boston, MA
P: 617.424.9700 |