New Contemporary Gallery Opens in Beirut


Belvedere Art Space is an international contemporary art gallery located in the heart of downtown Beirut, Lebanon. It hosts a large selection of artworks in different mediums by established and emerging contemporary artists from all over the world.

It was started by a passion the two founding partners, Aal Chammaa and Nour Jarmakani had in common for contemporary art and their desire to bring this art to their home country. Both founders have complemented their interior design degrees with art history and curating certificates from the UK and the US and have been building portfolios and purchasing artwork for clients for several years.

Their main focus and passion is art from North America and the African continent but their extensive travels, client base, and work have brought them to an understanding and true admiration of art from all over the globe.

With a diverse yearly exhibition program and an educational program that involves seminars from artists and industry professionals to give both art collectors and art amateurs more insight into the international contemporary art world they are very excited to share this passion with both their local, regional and international community.

Solo Show in Monterrey Mexico with GE Galeria

Verbicky followed up a sold-out Zona Maco exhibition with GE Galeria in February 2018 with a solo exhibition in the gallery’s Monterrey, Mexico space. ‘Factor of Existence’ brought a large collection of new works to Mexico from the artist’s California studio, including large-scale ‘Bhavanga’ works on canvas. Click below to read more about the exhibition:

READ MORE: ‘Soothing Agitation’ on Ge Galeria’s website:

Vasana Exhibitions Opens at Madison Gallery

Artist James Verbicky 'Era 1' © james verbicky Photo by Tim Hardy

VASANA: New Works By James Verbicky |

Madison Gallery is proud to debut a new collection of monumental works by multi-disciplinary, Polish Canadian artist James Verbicky.

Widely known for his mixed media works utilizing vintage paper and resin, Verbicky simultaneously exposes his artistic prowess and elevates his own preceding collage work as he projects his vision onto large scale hand-painted canvases. By aggrandizing his own work he is able to spotlight key forms and content, enveloping the viewer in an overwhelming visual field of media and color. Also on display from his sanskrit-inspired series will be new ‘Vasana’ works, orbs of mesmerizing color, and the much sought-after ‘Citta Samtana’ series.

James Verbicky was born to Polish Canadian parents in Edmonton in 1973. His work was selected by the Societie Nationale des Beaux-Artes for an exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre at the Louvre in Paris, France. His work is counted in many important private, public and celebrity collections worldwide, and he exhibits internationally from Berlin to Mexico City to across the United States. He currently works by the beach in southern california, where he lives with his wife and two children.


verbicky vasana madison gallery 1

James Verbicky with Fashion icon Elyse Walker
James Verbicky with Fashion icon Elyse Walker

verbicky vasana 1


New Omniscient Series by James Verbicky Released


48 x 68 x 2 inches | Hand Painted Silkscreen on Panel, Resin | 06.09.2015 © JAMES VERBICKY
48 x 68 x 2 inches | Hand Painted Silkscreen on Panel, Resin | 06.09.2015
48 x 68 x 2 | hand painted silkscreen on panel, resin  © james verbicky
48 x 68 x 2 | hand painted silkscreen on panel, resin
© james verbicky

Viewed from afar, James Verbicky’s new series appears to be a common, perhaps even classical human eye, emphasized in art since the earliest of times. Up close, the viewer discovers it is in fact scattered with strange symbols, some pre-existing and some “jibberish” the artist himself created. Verbicky’s oft-used themes of the daily, relentless bombardment by media come into play here: the powerful roles that brands and icons play in influencing us to consume, to buy, to use in the construction of social identities and in social class and status. Perhaps this eye is like Big Brother, a faceless force in our world that watches and influences and drives us in unseen and subtle ways.

Produced by the artist in collaboration with master printmaker Richard Duardo, who has collaborated in creating works with artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, David Hockney and Keith Haring, among others.

Neiman Marcus ‘The Book’ Cover features Verbicky Butterfly

CC_NEIMANFADE_VERBICKYFrom the Neiman Marcus blog:

“To call James Verbicky’s “media paintings” attention grabbing and magnetic is an understantment. So much so that the Canadian mixed media artist earn an “Extraordinary Ability’ green card– a rare currency bestowed by the United States government in recognition of his representation in U.S. galleries and museums, charity involvement, and heaps of critical praise. Just two of the entries on the artist’s impressive CV: selection into Paris’ annual Societie Nationale des Beaux Arts juried exhibition at the Louvre and a commissioned work created on a Frank Gehry sphere originally housed at the Hollywood Bowl.

Verbicky, now based in Southern California, lent his extraordinary talent to this issue’s cover art, ‘Papillon En Fleur 1’, in mixed media and resin. Unusual symbols, cubes of vivid color, and vintage branding materials- advertising posters, magazine covers, found graphics- align in horizontal planes, forming a dimensional piece that is sculptural in effect. “The radiating composition conjures a vision of a bursting flower,” says Verbicky, “a theme that unites perfectly with the butterfly, a herald of spring.” Take in more of the artist’s evocative storytelling on the book’s back cover, where symbols and words such as ‘chic’, ‘la mode’, and ‘original’ punctuate Verbicky’s collage. Seems he knows a thing about fashion and what NM stands for, too.”

– Stacy Girard  [view on NM site: ]

Presents ‘Crânes Sont En’ – THE SKULL

Presents a new colossal work, “Crânes Sont En”
80 x 90 inches

crânes sont en / james verbicky
crânes sont en / james verbicky
crânes sont en / james verbicky (DETAIL)
crânes sont en / james verbicky (DETAIL)
Cranes Sont En / James Verbicky / Installation, Madison Gallery, Jan. 2013
Cranes Sont En / James Verbicky / Installation, Madison Gallery, Jan. 2013

Sneak Peek of ERA. — solo exhibition opening January 19th, 2013 at Madison Gallery

While the majority of the collection will be revealed right before the exhibit opens, here is a sneak peek of a new piece for James Verbicky’s solo exhibition ERA. opening January 19th, 6-9 pm at Madison Gallery in La Jolla, CA.

Future Primitive 3 by James Verbicky (detail)
Future Primitive 3 by James Verbicky (detail)
Future Primitive 3, James Verbicky
Future Primitive 3, James Verbicky


James Verbicky has a new series: FUTURE PRIMITIVE. These works are the first media paintings to contain newer materials, though still sourced from foreign and rare texts. They contain a mirrored or kaleidoscopic composition, a new direction for the media paintings.


Future Primitive 1 by James Verbicky (detail)
Future Primitive 1 by James Verbicky (detail)

James Verbicky In the Studio

New shot of James Verbicky in his Southern California studio.
Piece shown: “Citta Samtana 19” to be donated to benefit the Art of Elysium in 2013.

James Verbicky Artist Portrait 2012
James Verbicky in his Southern California studio.

Original Verbicky Auctioned with Damien Hirst to Benefit the Houston Ballet

An original Verbicky painting was auctioned off last week alongside an array of impressive artworks at the sprawling home of Houston philanthropists’ John & Becca Cason Thrash.

The artworks were sold during the preview cocktail party held at the Thrash residence, where collectors were able to bid on pieces before the main event, the 2012 Houston Ballet Ball, which will be held on Wednesday, February 15th at the Wortham Theatre Center in Houston, Texas.

All proceeds go directly to benefit the Houston Ballet.

Left: Verbicky’s “Citta Samtana 16”, and RIGHT: A Damien Hirst “Spot” Painting
Patrick & Greggory Burk with Artist James Verbicky
Chairs of the Houston Ballet Ball Patrick (left) and Greggory Burk, with Artist James Verbicky